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Welcome to peterdn.com! 

2014-03-04 An update of the whole site is in-progress, so please be patient if any information is out-of-date or inaccessible. Thanks!

About Me

I have just started my first year of studying for a DPhil in Engineering with the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group.  I am once again a member of New College, after having completed my Masters in Computer Science there in 2011.  I’m passionate about technology and spend a substantial portion of my time telling bits of silicon what to do.  When I need a break from that, I take pictures of interesting things and partake in my various other interests, including archery, cycling, and the occasional bit of PC gaming.

My (slightly out-of-date) CV can be found here.  If you want to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.  Otherwise, you can find me on several other popular internet haunts (links below).