Projects ⋅ Peter Nelson


Open Source

When I'm not slaving over university related work, playing with some new technology, or engaged in some other hobby, I like to write a bit of code once in a while.  Below is a list of open source projects that I have recently contributed to:

  • WebKit .NET – WebKit wrapper for .NET.  I am currently the project maintainer and lead developer.
  • WebKit – Open source web browser engine.  At the moment, I’m working on implementing missing parts of the COM interface for the Windows port.


Other random, course related, incomplete, and ‘toy’ projects of mine that I’m not planning on blogging much about can be found below:

Numerous code snippets or anything else not important enough to go here can be found on my GitHub page.

Interesting Stuff

Lastly, some other projects that I have significant interest in but haven’t contributed much to (yet) include:

  •  Mono – Open source implementation of the .NET Framework.
  •  libjit – Library providing routines for building JITs.  Part of the DotGNU project.
  •  ReactOS – Operating system based on the design of Windows XP/2003.
  •  Android – Operating system for mobile devices, based on Linux.