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Apple vs. Web Standards

by peterdn 5. June 2010 22:45

There was much excitement in the Twittersphere and elsewhere on the web when Apple launched it’s HTML5 showcase yesterday, the purported intention being to spread awareness of the upcoming features of HTML5 + CSS3.  In classic Apple fashion it succeeds at this quite well—assuming you are using their very own product.  In fact, the page goes as far as to misleadingly imply that Safari is the only HTML5-ready browser, and also prevents other (equally capable, if not more so) browsers from viewing the demos.*  I tweeted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek screenshot (see below) yesterday showing both Chrome and Safari displaying “The HTML5 Test” results and Apple’s HTML5 showcase, which sums up the deception nicely.  Additionally, the page headline and the blurb about “web standards” makes the whole thing even more ironic. 

This particular view on the story was picked up by a several tech news sites including TechCrunch and OSnews, and by a number of bloggers, notably the Guardian technology blog.  I won’t reiterate what has already been said by these guys, other than to jump on the bandwagon and berate Apple for its blatant hypocrisy and misuse of the term “web standards”.  If Steve Jobs really wants the likes of Flash to die, he may have to rethink his strategy.

Chrome vs Safari

Screenshot showing Chrome 5.0.375.55 and Safari 4.0.5 (531.22.7) (on Windows) displaying the results of the HTML5 test and the Apple HTML5 showcase


* At the time of writing, the HTML5 Showcase still blocks Google Chrome.  However, the exact same demos can be found on the Apple developer site where browser-sniffing is apparently disabled.

Some other vaguely relevant and interesting links:

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Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive – A similar offering from Microsoft, showing off the (limited) HTML5 / CSS3 features that are to be supported by IE9.  Most of the demos seem to work in Chrome.
HTML5 Gallery – A showcase of “real” sites using HTML5.

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